Lincoln County 911

Lincoln County 911
250 W. College St., Troy, MO 63379
Phone: 636-528-2911

To Whom It May Concern:
The Lincoln County 911 office has the capability to insert medical necessity information into the Lincoln County 911 database. This “special medical or access information” is then displayed on the dispatchers computer screen when a 911 call is received from that telephone number. This additional information may allow the dispatcher and the responding emergency agencies to provide better and faster service when needed. We are unable to link cell phone numbers to this information at this time. However, we are able to link this information to a specific address based on the home phone number and/or when the person calling 911 advises us of the correct address while calling from a cell phone.

If a “special medical needs situation” exists, for example:
  1. Special medical condition
  2. Special access information
  3. Confined to a wheel chair
  4. On oxygen
  5. Location of key to residence or name and phone number of key holder

This information can only be inserted into the 911 database with your permission. If you would like to have this “medical necessity information” inserted into the Lincoln County 911 database please, fill out and sign the enclosed form and return it to the Lincoln County 911 office at 250 W. College St., Troy, MO 63379

Mia Farmer
Lincoln Co. 911 Mapping & Addressing

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